Free Tesco products through The Orchard


The Orchard at Tesco is one of my favourite ways to get free and discounted products.

It offers free products in return for your help advertising them by talking to your friends or family, or by posting on social media.

They run different programmes throughout the year which you can apply to be part of. Firstly you need to complete a short questionnaire to find out if you qualify. If you do, you’ll be sent your programme pack in the post within a few days. This contains your vouchers to buy the products, and usually some vouchers to pass to your friends or even bonus Clubcard points coupons for yourself.

Once you’ve bought your products, it’s time to tell other people about them. When you sign into your Orchard account you can see a checklist of all the activities you can complete. This includes things like posting on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram or writing up reports of conversations you’ve had with friends or family. For each activity you complete, you’ll improve your Orchard score (meaning you’re more likely to get onto other programmes) and you get Clubcard points so it’s a great way to boost your loyalty points.

The most recent programme I took part in was the Love Food Hate Waste campaign.

I received vouchers for free apples or pears from the ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ range and free ‘Eat Fresh, Keep Fresh’ chicken.

The chicken is a great example of a product I didn’t know existed until I tried it though The Orchard, but I’ll definitely be buying it in future! You get 2 chicken breasts in the packet but both are individually sealed so if you only open one, the other stays sealed and fresh.

My partner is vegetarian and I’m too lazy to cook 2 meals meaning I pretty much eat veggie 90% of the time. My son is now 1 and eating pretty much everything including meat. The chicken was ideal for him as I was able to make him his own chicken dinner and keep the other breast fresh to use another day. No wasted food means no wasted money! I wouldn’t have known about this product of it wasn’t for The Orchard and what’s better is I got to try it for free!

This is just one example but since I’ve been a member I’ve had free cheese, fruit, flowers, frozen food, vegetables and loads more. I’ve tried new products, got a ton of freebies and earned Clubcard points while doing it! I would definitely recommend becoming a member!

Sign up on The Orchard website:



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